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◆ multi-output interfaces, which can charge six batteries in the same time
◆ six charging slots controlled independently of each other
◆ Six LEDS display charging status
◆ Perfect protection function
Over-voltage Protection
Over-current protection
Short circuit protection
Anti-Reverse battery protection
◆ Large voltage input, suitable for different countries and regions.
◆ Excellent heat dissipation design
◆ Support car charger
Input: AC(110-220V/50HZ-60HZ) DC:(12V-30V)
Output voltage: 4.2v±0.05v/1.36v±0.05v
Output Current: 650mA±50mA/200mA±50mA
Compatible Battery:
Rechargeable lithium battery: 26650.18650.18500.18350.17670.16340.14650.14500.10440(3.7v)NI-MH Battery:AA,AAA (1.2V)
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Car Charger for the Charger:
This accessory will fit any car, truck, or boat cigarette lighter or 12v outlet.
Fits standard 12V plug
Made of durable plastic
Red indicator LED shows when 12V power is on.
Plug type: EU plug
Color: Black
Size: 139mm×125mm×36.8mm
Weight: 390g
Package includes : 1 x TrustFire Charger, 1x USA plug

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